Milan Popadich

Investment Advisor

Disciplined, conscientious, client-focused strategy and advice












"Defining goals, developing strategies, delivering peace of mind."



What are your dreams, your hopes and your fears, your goals and your passions?  With so many different approaches to financial advice and wealth management, and with so many claiming to have the same expertise, how can you find an advisor that understands your situation, has the knowledge and experience to provide expert guidance, and whom you know is doing it from your point of view?


Milan Popadich runs a boutique practice that specializes in helping individuals and their families develop sound financial strategies. Together with my associates and referral partners, we deliver the highest level of expertise and service by taking the time to understand and define our client’s objectives.  Then we create customized financial strategies that optimize the opportunity for success, while also managing risks that can lead to failure.


Our approach is conscientious, disciplined, and client-focused, and we behave as advisors, not sales people. We also believe that goals written on paper are goals that can be achieved, and that the best solution is likely a simple one: easy to understand, implement, and cost effective too. After all, research has shown that managing costs can be an important factor in helping investors reach their goals, so we are mindful that the strategies we develop, and the advice we give, will deliver the value you expect to receive.


Common goals include retirement savings planning, retirement income planning, children's education, personal leisure, business succession planning, and estate planning.  Implementation of investment strategies considers optimal asset allocation, security and manager selection, as well as tax efficiency.


We invite you to explore our site and get to know us a little bit better, and we look forward to getting to know you too.