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Updates to your Manulife Online Access Thumbnail

Updates to your Manulife Online Access

To our clients; 

Your Manulife Wealth Inc. account statements and trade confirmations are now available on Manulife online access

Manulife online access is an online portal that offers you a single, secure, online account access experience through your mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. 

What’s new?

The online portal now offers round-the-clock, convenient access to your Manulife Wealth Inc. documents from your preferred device. You can now:

  • Access your individual and jointly-owned accounts, as well as other accounts such as corporate, trust and estate, accounts online.
  • Access your account statements and trade confirmations online, beginning with your June 30, 2020 statement. 
  • Manage document delivery preferences and choose to turn off current and future account document mailings. 


Why sign up?

Here are some of the reasons why you need to sign up for Manulife online access today:

  • The portal is the way forward to access your account documents online.
  • Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of self-service. You can access your account and documents online anywhere, anytime.
  • Manulife Wealth Inc. offers dedicated customer support to assist you with your questions about the portal.  
  • Manage your document mailings your way. You only need to set your delivery preference once to stop paper mailings for current and future available documents or pick and choose your mailing preference per document.  


How to sign up?

The sign up process is quick and simple. Since the portal is self-service, you have the flexibility to sign up at your convenience and set and manage your password. You can use your preferred device and visit 1-833-363-0699 

Once the sign up process is complete, you’ll be able to sign in and access all your Manulife Wealth Inc. accounts instantly. You’ll also be able to access your account statements and trade confirmations and manage document preferences to choose the way you want your documents delivered.


Important change coming to eDelivery on Client Access

Manulife online access will be the portal offering online delivery of your account documents and management of your document delivery preferences. The eDelivery of your account statements within Client Access is scheduled to end with the delivery of your December 31, 2020 statement (early January). Your eDelivery statement preference will not change until then and you will continue to receive online copies of your statements on both systems.

As Manulife Wealth Inc. will no longer offer electronic delivery of statements on Client Access after the December 31, 2020 statement cycle, your delivery preference will automatically be changed to paper if you don’t sign up for Manulife online access prior to December 31, 2020.

It is important that you sign up/sign in to Manulife online access during this transition period to maintain your delivery preference and ensure you continue to receive your statements in 2021. Client Access will continue to be available for all other activities.

As always, if you have any questions about Manulife online access, I’m here to talk.                                                                                                                             


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